Dear Colleagues

After the successful meeting 2013, we are very happy to announce the program of the 4th Knee Update.

Based on several requests of our participants we are encouraged to go beyond the current techniques in the field of revisions of ligamentary and prosthetic reconstruction. Our aim is to elucidate and critically discuss this topic with you and the carefully selected international experts.

Again, we were able to line up a terrific faculty, which will not only report subspecialty issues, but will also be open-minded about personal discussion during the multiple workshops and the "Meet the expert" sessions.

As a further novelty we implanted the topic "physiotherapy in knee surgery". The rational behind this is the necessity to come together and unite with these excellent therapists to assure and enhance the high quality of treatment for our patients. The collateral perception and the intellectual dialogue should motivate to discuss current challenges in the daily field of treatment.

The carefully selected topics and the list of international experts of the 4th Knee Update will be on the accustomed high level in the alpine atmosphere and will hit the current hot topics in knee surgery.

We hope that you can refill your bagpack with the newest information brought to you by an outstanding international faculty to maintain your outstanding knee service for your patients in 2014.

U. Munzinger
U. Munzinger, MD
P. Schöttle
P. Schöttle, MD, PD

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